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Sunday, June 26, 2016

EwR Commentary - Raymond's Personal List of Sayings From A to Z


To begin with, let's recall the four reasons that were stated earlier as to why sayings are important for second language learners to learn.  A recap (recapitulation) of these reasons includes the following.  Sayings (1) help explain something using very few words, (2) tell truths about human nature, and identify facts and common knowledge about the world that we live in, (3) connect and bring people closer together, and make human communication more interesting, and (4) tell you how people think in a particular culture.

Now let's take into account, another angle on the importance of sayings.  Sayings also help us to express our own life experiences, but from a very personal point of view since each person's life is unique.  No two people have the exact same experiences.  Besides, each individual's perspective on things is different.  For example, if two students from the same university talk about their graduation experience on the same day, each of them will have their own story to tell in order to describe what the experience was like.  No two stories are ever alike.

Even though life experiences are unique to each of us, there are similarities among our experiences.  An example of this is when someone tells you something that happened to them, and you remember a similar experience that you had.  Your experiences are not exactly the same, but they might resemble one another.  Therefore, sayings are also important to share with others because it might help others express how they feel about similar experiences that they have had.  Sayings help us to express our life experiences using fewer words than in an explanation.
So, without any further hesitation, I would like to share some of my own personal sayings with you. These are sayings that I have taken the time to write down on paper. It took many years for these words to formulate in my mind. For six decades, life has been teaching me many things, and these sayings are my way of expressing the lessons in life that I have learned. I hope that you appreciate this list of my own personal sayings. Since they are personal, you may, or may not agree with some of them. That's because every individual has their own world in which they experience things differently. Here is an example of mine.


A large glass of water will help you think clearer.
A smile never hurts anyone.
Absence makes you want to be even closer to someone that you love.
All talk and no action doesn’t convince me of anything.
Avoid negative people.  They destroy dreams.
Be assertive, but not passive nor aggressive.
Be careful thinking that money will solve your problems. 
Choices are difficult to make, but once you make them you can finally breathe again.
Deep thinking is not bad for your health.
Do what inspires you, and life will reward you.
Don't procrastinate, just do it!
Eating lots of fruit every day will make you a happier person. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.
Every day that passes, I get to know myself a little better.
Everything in life is a choice.
Failure is on the road to success.
Getting older means having more time for you. 
How can you expect to understand others, if you don’t understand yourself?
How you hear a language, affects how you speak it; but how you speak a language, also affects how others hear and understand you.
I choose to make choices.
I haven’t figured myself out, so why am I going to take time figuring others out?
I like being with me.
I like to spend time with others, including myself.
I really feel happy when I’m really happy.
If you can’t think straight, then take a 15-minute brain break.
If you expect something from someone, then you might disillusion yourself.
If you have to ask, then maybe it’s not worth it.
If you want to capture people's attention, then don't speak.
If you want relief, then find a solution, not a remedy.
If you want something bad enough, then you have to work in order to make it happen.

If you want to succeed, then you have to put your best foot forward.

If you want to say something crystal clear, then find a saying for that.
If your feelings are hurt, then it means that you really care.
If you’re happy in bed, and happy when you leave the bathroom, then you are one of the happiest people alive.
If you’re thinking about doing something, don’t think too long because the opportunity may not come back again.
It pays to think first before you open your mouth.
It’s a good thing that my thoughts can’t talk out loud.
It’s better to keep on walking than trying to run.
It’s easier to live in the here and now.
It’s easy to talk, but it requires some discipline to listen.
It’s good to pat yourself on the back once in a while for a job well done. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.
It’s not what you say that counts, it’s what you do.
It’s okay to treat myself to something good once in a while.
Jump in the water and swim, even when the water is cold.
Keeping my own opinions to myself, is more difficult than listening to the opinions of others.
Life is difficult.
Life is worth living.
Listen for information and advice, but make your own decision.
Live today as if there were no tomorrow.
Make it happen, don't just think about it.
Make your bed every day in the morning, and your day will go better.

My loved ones that are no longer with me, are on a different guest list then I am.
Nobody said that life was easy.
No one can make you do whatever you don't want to do.

Nothing is forever.
Once you make a choice, you have to live with it.
One plus one is not always equal to two.

Pleasure is not guaranteed every day of the year.
Quiet time for yourself is a luxury.
Responsibility breeds success.
Saying “thank you” is nice to hear.
Saying “yes” is free, but saying “no” costs me a little bit.
Silence is my friend, not my enemy.
Silence gives you power.
Stop trying to analyze both why you exist and what your purpose in life is. All you have to do is look in a mirror.
The older I get, the more I understand.
There are two things certain in life – death and taxes.
Thinking alone won’t change anything.
Today is here right now.
Tomorrow may, or may not come.
Too much talk just wastes time.
Trying to be a better person every day, requires a lot of effort.
Unctuous talk should never be taken seriously.
Valiant people never ask to be noticed.
Wait at least 24 hours before making an important decision.
What has past, has past.
What I think I want today, would probably disappear if I would only wait for tomorrow.
Words only have power if you give it to them. Try letting them go in one ear, and out the other.
Writing your ideas down on paper is more effective than just thinking about them.
Xerosis, an abnormal dryness of the skin or eyeball, is inevitable as we get older.
Yesterday is gone and won’t come back.
Zest is the spice of life.  Savor it whenever you can!

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